Once Upon a Time...

There was a profitable and vital opportunity to grow a tech services business in the BIOS industry. At a time when the home PC hardware market was rapidly churning through various hardware standards and breaking through previous technological limitations in design, it was estimated that nearly 85% of home PC's had out of date BIOS drivers.

Mr. BIOS operated in this niche offering many useful services and software such as:

BIOS Upgrades
BIOS Upgrades contained all the latest enhancements to keep your PC up to date with all the newest hardware technologies.

CPU Upgrades
Such as upgrading an Intel Slot-1 and Socket 370

CheckIt POSTCards
A Power-On Self-Test Card for XT, AT, ISA and EISA Computers

Based on the same technology as the CheckIt POSTcard but designed for use in PCI slots

An easy to install BIOS extender card to allow Larger Hard Drives of up to 32 Terabytes.

Millennium Pro
A Universal BIOS upgrade for systems without a Year 2000 Compliant BIOS.

Dual Pro
Combined LBA and Millennium Pro cards into one Unique Card for Larger Hard Drive Support as well as Year 2000 Compliance.

CheckIt Portable Edition
The Professional's choice for advanced PC Diagnostics


Popular Software Downloads

The BIOS Agent
The BIOS Agent was a simple, easy to use program that automatically identified your computers BIOS and other system information.

System Information:

  • CPU Type and Speed
  • BIOS ROM Socket and Size
  • Memory Configuration
  • BIOS Date
  • Motherboard OEM data
  • CPU data
  • BIOS Type
  • Motherboard Chipset
  • BIOS ROM data
  • BIOS ID String
  • Super I/O data
  • Memory data

This information was very helpful in the event a customer needed or wanted to upgrade their BIOS and other PC components.